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Challenges of life are often difficult for men, as our culture expects men to be resilient, capable and having initiative in the face of the challenges.  "Man does what man must". As a man, you have no right to fail or drop out. Being powerful is a precondition to be accepted as a good man.

Many men avoid seeking out professional help like psychotherapy,  as our culture discourages men to talk about their feelings or doing things, which have traditionally been considered soft or weak.  It is often difficult for us men to even consider, that getting an outsiders look at our problems may prove beneficial to solving them.

In practice most of life's problems are solved faster and with less struggle, when we receive support from outside ourselves and by using professional methods. The faster we acquire the right kind of support and guidance, the faster our problems are solved. Getting support is a sensible decision.

Insights and support for facing the life's challenges

"Powerful and Confident Man" is a professional therapy/coaching service for men. Especially we help other men to deal with challenges in the following areas of life:

  • Relationships
  • Dating
  • Sexuality
  • Money
  • Work

Most of the challenges in these areas are often difficult, but still solvable. Solving them is just much easier with outside support. With coaching you are able to solve them faster and with less pain.

Our working methods draw mainly from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Both are backed by strong scientific evidence.

Here are some of the other topics that we find ourselves constantly discussing with our clients:

Your role as a man - What does "being a man" mean to you?

The meaning of manhood has changed. Being a man has gotten much more difficult. In times past the men were expected to lead, to provide for the the family and to be successful in professional lives. Nowadays the responsibilities of livelihood are divided more equally. Jobs, on the other hand, have gotten much more complex, in the case that we even manage to get one.  It's more difficult to "find your place" as a man, because the old roles don't fit as well anymore.

Gender roles of our culture are in the state of flux. It has became more difficult to understand, what does "being a man" actually means and what is expected of us.  Many men experience, that this role confusion hurts their ability to go through life with power and initiative. The main question being: "How to make it as a man?"

Growing to manhood - What does it mean to be a strong, adult man?

Our culture and society expects a man to be and act as an "adult". Often it fails to provide an explanation of what this is actually supposed to mean.

Our culture does not practice any considerable "coming of age" rites and rituals. Young people are expected to make it in the world, but the guidance provided often leaves a lot to be desired. Formal schooling helps, but often not enough.

Many young men (and women as well) are left to fend on their own.  Many are left wondering: "How should I be, to be considered a good and responsible adult man?"

Being interesting in the eyes of the ladies

One of the most asked questions we get is of course this: "Why don't the women like me, even though I'm considered a kind and decent guy?"

Discussions on this topic often bring valuable insights and help participants to develop themselves in a meaningful way (and most often also become more attractive in the eyes of others!)

Masculine life

What is this "masculinity" everyone seems to be talking about, but can't seem to truly explain? What does it mean to live and act as a man?

Is this "masculinity" same for everyone? Should you become a quiet,  muscled up barbarian hero to be considered masculine? Is it possible to be considered a powerful man, while living your life the way you feel is right for you?

Still thinking about it?

If you believe that getting professional support can help you solve the lifes challenges, but also believe that getting coaching/therapy/help is unmanly, consider the following arguments:

  • Getting effective outside help is sensible, because it let's you solve your problems much faster.
  • Unsolved problems often hurt our loved ones and people close to use. Isn't it considered a real man's task to make the life easier for people we care about?
  • As in all of our services, we provide 100 % satisfaction guarantee. If you don't think our service helps you, we return your payment.


The duration of the coaching is decided by you. 1 email session = the time it would take to have 1 hour face-to-face session. Time used is always calculated in favor of the client.

1 session

49 € (roughly 50 dollars)

(VAT included)

5 session package

225 € (roughly 250 dollars)

(VAT included)

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