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Creativity lightens up and enriches our lives. Creativity is a positive channel for self-expression and self-knowledge. Self-expression in turn may have a powerful and positive effect on our lives.

On the other hand, creativity is not always easy. Creative process can be full of anxiety, frustration and confusion. The pain of creativity and the creative struggle is a real and very common phenomenon.

Especially harmful and difficult the creative struggle is to the people in creative and artistic professions - or to ones, who strive towards them. Different kinds of creative blocks may seriously damage productivity of artists, content creators, musicians and representatives of other similar creative professions.

Therapy & coaching for creative challenges

Confidence and Creativity is a therapy/coaching program for people in the creative field and for those, who strive towards "making it" in the creative world. It's main purpose it to help you solve challenges concerning different kinds of creative blocks. Some common examples might include:

  • Perfectionism, unrealistic demands towards self, feelings of worthlessness and pronounced self-criticism.
  • Publishing anxiety, fears of negative commentary and anxiety towards being judged or exposed
  • Performance anxiety and fear of being in the center of attention

Challenges like this can be solved by oneself, but they are often solved faster and with less struggle with some outside support.

Our working methods draw mainly from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Both are backed by strong scientific evidence.

If you believe that getting professional support can help you solve creative challenges, but also believe that getting coaching/therapy/help is somehow too much, consider the following arguments:

  • Getting effective outside help is sensible, because it let's you solve your problems much faster.
  • The faster a creative block is solved, the more benefit it brings. It's worse to struggle with a problem for three years, than a year.
  • As in all of our services, we provide 100 % satisfaction guarantee. If you don't think our service helps you, we return your payment.


The duration of the coaching is decided by you. 1 email session = the time it would take to have 1 hour face-to-face session. Time used is always calculated in favor of the client.

1 session

49 € (roughly 50 dollars)

(VAT included)

5 session package

225 € (roughly 250 dollars)

(VAT included)

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