Get rid of social anxiety – Once and for all

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”Hi and welcome!  Academy of Social Confidence is a service, which specializes in  psychology of social confidence and social skills. If you require a boost to your self-confidence, some solid presentation skills or need help in dealing with  feelings like shame and embarrassment, we are happy to help!”

– Jevgeni Särki, main instructor


Boost your confidence in social situations

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”900″]Welcome to Academy of Social Confidence. We can help you with topics associated with social anxiety, challenging  social situations, feelings of shame, inadequacy and others.

Confidence is not a fixed personality trait. It is a skill, which each and everyone of us can get better in.

We believe that social anxieties should not limit anyone’s life. We fight for that goal and are happy to help anyone struggling with some form of social anxiety.

We envision a world free of socially limiting fears and anxieties. Everyone should have a right to live their life in a way they find meaningful and enjoyable.[/text_block]

This is what we do

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” top_margin=”30″ width=”900″]We help our clients with development of skills related to social confidence. We hold courses, provide private coaching and sell different kinds of information products.  Most of our products are only available in Finnish language, but private coaching is available in English also.

The issues regarding to social anxieties are highly personal and thus we always use personalized approaches.[/text_block]

This is how we guarantee our results

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” top_margin=”50″ width=”900″]We succeed only when you succeed. For us those are not just some nice words. Instead we provide 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee.

We also cater to extremely anxious individuals and always use soft and safe methods in our work. All of our methods are backed by science and their impact can be measured.

We take pride in our work and give our best to our clients. Here’s what some of them are saying:[/text_block]

What our clients are saying

The course was very good! Every day after the course has felt better than the last. I have managed to act in a new way in many situations and faced my fears with a smile on my face. It has actually felt good to move out of my comfort zone, knowing that it helps me to grow.

Iiro Granlund

Iiro Granlund
(Attended our course ”Confident Me”)

I feel that I’m a confident and powerful person, who should not have a need to attend a course by a ”academy of social confidence”. Still I tried it out and already on the first day I had to laugh at my inner skeptic. The atmosphere was  warm and the course’s  content was rational. I recommend this to anyone, who feels the need for some new tools for facing their fears.”

Tanya Eriksson

Tanya Eriksson
(Attended our course ”Basics of Social Confidence”)


You can also contact us by email (jevgeni@rohkeuskoulu.fi) !

Jevgeni Särki

Jevgeni Särki
School of Social Confidence, main instructor